Manage your Recurring Subscription

Managing your subscription depends on which platform you activated it! We use a variety of services to collect funds from our community, knowing that we could always be banned or kicked off these platforms if they disagree with our editorial decisions.


If you signed up at

  1. Log into your customer account at

  2. Click My Account, and then Subscriptions.

  3. Edit or cancel your subscription, and then click Save.


If you signed up at

  1. Hover over your profile image in the top right to open the "User menu."

  2. From the drop-down user menu, click "Manage memberships."

  3. On your "Active memberships" page. Click the "Edit" link next to the membership you want to cancel future payments for.

  4. You'll land on the familiar payment confirmation page. Scroll down and click the "Edit or Cancel Payment" link directly under the update button.

  5. Click the option to Edit or Cancel Payment and click the "Cancel" button to confirm. 

Learn more on Patreon's support website.

Mighty Networks

If you signed up at

  1. Log into your network on the web

  2. Go to Your Profile > Settings > Subscription. On the next menu you'll see a button that says Change Subscription.

  3. On the next page, you'll see an option to "Cancel your subscription" below the list of subscription plans on the network. Click on that link and confirm that you do indeed want to cancel, and then your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the current billing period.

Learn more on Mighty Network's support website.


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