Xenophobia is a fear or hatred of people from other countries or cultures. It is often manifested as discrimination or prejudice against people who are perceived as being different or foreign, and it can take many forms, including:

  • Physical violence or threats of violence
  • Verbal abuse or insults
  • Economic or social exclusion
  • Political or legal discrimination

Xenophobia can be based on a variety of factors, including race, ethnicity, religion, language, or nationality. It is often fueled by stereotypes, misinformation, and fear of the unknown. Xenophobia can have serious consequences for those targeted by it, including loss of employment, housing, and other opportunities, as well as physical harm. It can also contribute to social divisions and conflicts within society.

Take Action

Easy ways to address xenophobia at your school or workplace.

Increase understanding and empathy. This can involve learning more about different cultures and ways of life, as well as sharing this knowledge with others. It can also involve challenging stereotypes and misinformation when you encounter them.

If you witness someone being targeted with xenophobia, say something. You can publicly condemn the behavior, or have a private conversation with the person perpetuating the xenophobia to try to educate them about the harm their actions are causing.

Show support and solidarity with those who are targeted with xenophobia. This can involve offering practical support, such as helping someone find legal or financial assistance, or simply being there to listen and offer emotional support.

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