Voter Suppression

Voter Suppression

Voter suppression is the practice of intentionally making it harder for certain groups of people to vote. This can be done through a variety of means, including implementing strict voter identification laws, purging voter rolls, closing polling places in areas with high marginalized populations, and disseminating misinformation about voting procedures.

Voter suppression is often used to target marginalized groups, such as people of color, low-income individuals, and young people, and can have a significant impact on election outcomes. Voter suppression is a form of discrimination and is illegal under federal law.

Take Action

Easy ways to address microaggressions at your school or workplace.

Get Educated

Learn about the history and impacts of voter suppression, and share this information with others to raise awareness and promote change. You can also work with community organizations to educate people about their voting rights and how to advocate for themselves.

Get Involved

There are numerous organizations that work to defend and expand voting rights. You can support these organizations through financial donations or by volunteering your time.


Join or start a grassroots campaign to advocate for voting rights and push back against voter suppression. This could involve contacting your elected representatives, organizing events or rallies, or participating in voter registration drives.

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