Gerrymandering is the practice of manipulating the boundaries of electoral districts in order to benefit a particular political party or group. It is often done by dividing a geographic area into districts in such a way as to give one party an unfair advantage over the other.

For example, a political party might draw the boundaries of a district in a way that includes a larger number of voters who are likely to support their party, while excluding voters who are more likely to support the other party.

Gerrymandering can lead to unequal representation and undermine the democratic process. It is often criticized for manipulating elections and entrenching political power.

Take Action

How to rally against gerrymandering where you live.

Advocate for Reform

Support reforms that aim to make redistricting more objective, such as using independent commissions or objective criteria to draw district lines. Also, support measures that increase public participation in the redistricting process, such as holding public hearings or allowing for citizen input.

Stay Informed

Stay informed about redistricting efforts in your community and get involved in the process. Follow news about redistricting, attend public hearings or meetings related to redistricting, and participate in advocacy efforts to promote fair redistricting practices.

Support Legal Challenges

If gerrymandering has already occurred in your city or state, one way to fight it is to support legal challenges to the practice. This can involve donating to organizations that are working to challenge gerrymandered districts in court, or getting involved in advocacy efforts to support these challenges. It can also involve supporting legislation or reforms that aim to prevent gerrymandering in the future.

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