Antisemitism is a form of prejudice or discrimination against Jews, based on the belief that Jews are a separate and inferior race, religion, or nationality. Antisemitism can take many forms, including violence, hate speech, discrimination in employment or education, and other forms of persecution.

Historically, antisemitism has often been based on the belief that Jews are responsible for various perceived negative events or circumstances, such as economic crises or natural disasters. Antisemitism has also been fueled by myths, stereotypes, and conspiracy theories about Jews, such as the belief that Jews control the media or financial system, or that they are responsible for the death of Jesus.

Antisemitism is a serious and enduring form of discrimination that has resulted in significant suffering and persecution of Jews throughout history. It is important to recognize and actively oppose antisemitism, as well as all forms of discrimination and prejudice, in order to create a more just and inclusive society.

Take Action

Here’s how to dismantle antisemitism in your community.

Get Educated

Antisemitism is often fueled by ignorance and misinformation. One way to combat it is to educate yourself about the history and experiences of Jewish people, and to learn about the various forms that antisemitism can take. This can help you to recognize and challenge antisemitic attitudes and actions when you encounter them.


If you witness or hear about an act of antisemitism, it’s important to speak out against it. This can be as simple as expressing your disapproval or concern, or it may involve taking more direct action, such as reporting the incident to authorities or supporting the victim.

Get Involved

There are many organizations that work to combat antisemitism and support Jews and other marginalized groups. Consider donating your time or resources to organizations that are working to promote justice and equality.

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The Problem with Equating Anti-Zionism with Antisemitism

Silencing criticism of Israel by claiming that anti-Zionism and antisemitism are identical is unacceptable. We can fight antisemitism while also supporting Palestinian rights and free speech.

What is “RWDS”: The Symbols and Strategy of Neo-Nazism 

Neo-Nazism has a long history in the United States, but there is an equally long history of counter-organizing and community defense. 

The Threat to Holocaust Remembrance

Growing attacks on anti-racist education threaten Holocaust education and feed into antisemitism.

Year in Review: Combatting the Fascist Threat

This year has proven that the fascist threat is not an un-American deviation but the most developed form of the sickness at the heart of the American project.

The Problem with Erasing Race from the Holocaust

Whoopi Goldberg’s Holocaust comments on The View inaccurately claimed that the genocide of millions of Jews was not about race. During the Holocaust, Jewish people were labeled as an “inferior race” by the Nazis, echoing similar eugenicist beliefs held in the U.S. during that time.

Distinguish anti-Zionism from antisemitism.

Simply put, there is no place for antisemitism in anti-racist work. Antisemitism is antithetical to collective liberation, and it is real. Yet, the accusation that the left is as inherently antisemitic as the right is false: antisemitism in the right, specifically in white supremacist groups, is deadly, systemically legitimized, and funded (JFREJ).

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