Anti-blackness refers to the prejudice and discrimination against people who are Black. It can take many forms, such as prejudice, racism, and violence.

Anti-blackness is a deep-seated belief that Black people are inferior to other races, and it is often used to justify discrimination and violence against Black people. This belief is often perpetuated by societal institutions and systems, such as education, the criminal justice system, and the media, which can contribute to the marginalization and oppression of Black people.

Anti-blackness can have serious consequences for Black people, including economic, social, and health disparities. It can also contribute to feelings of shame, anger, and isolation among Black people, and can harm the mental health and well-being of individuals and communities.

It is important to recognize and challenge anti-blackness, and to work towards creating a more inclusive and just society that values and respects the lives and experiences of Black people.

Take Action

Here’s how to dismantle ageism in your community.

Get Educated

Educate yourself about the history and impacts of anti-blackness: It’s important to have a good understanding of the ways in which anti-blackness has affected Black people throughout history and continues to do so today. Reading books, articles, and other resources can help you learn more about this issue.


Take the time to consider your own biases and the ways in which you may have contributed to or benefitted from anti-blackness. This can be a difficult and uncomfortable process, but it is an important step towards creating change.


There are many ways that you can work to dismantle anti-blackness in your community. This could include volunteering with organizations that work on racial justice issues, advocating for policy changes that promote equity and inclusion, and speaking out against racism and discrimination when you see it. It’s also important to listen to and support the leadership of Black people and organizations in these efforts.

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