Accessibility refers to the design and provision of products, services, and environments in a way that is inclusive and enables disabled people to fully participate and engage.

Accessibility can involve a range of measures, such as providing physical accessibility, such as ramps and elevators, or providing accommodations, such as visual or audio aids, to support disabled people.

Accessibility can also involve the creation of policies and practices that are inclusive and consider the needs of people with disabilities.

Ensuring accessibility is an important aspect of social justice, as it helps to create a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

Take Action

Rally for accessibility in your community. 

Advocate for Accessible Infrastructure and Design

  • Support efforts to make buildings, streets, and other public spaces more accessible, such as by installing ramps, elevators, and other accommodations for disabled people.
  • This can be at your school, workplace, or in your neighborhood.

Support Businesses and Organizations that Prioritize Accessibility

  • Buy from businesses and organizations that are committed to ensuring accessibility for all, and advocate for more businesses and organizations to adopt inclusive policies and practices.
  • Donate to organizations led by disabled people that work to increase accessibility.

Raise Awareness

  • Participate in events and campaigns that raise awareness about accessibility issues, and share information and resources about accessibility with others.
  • Advocate for accessibility to be included in education and training programs to help other people understand how important it is.

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