Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not receiving the email anymore – what gives?

If you've subscribed to our newsletter and you're not receiving emails, please try the following troubleshooting tips:

1. Check your spam to ensure our emails aren't hiding there!

2. Add to your contacts.

3. If you use Gmail and you have received an email from us at some point, drag that email into your primary inbox.

4. Re-subscribe to the newsletter(s) you wish to receive to ensure there's not a typo.

5. Check with your school/organization to see whether our emails are being flagged by a moderation system.

If these tricks do not help, contact us at and we'll help get you back on the list.

Can I share the newsletter on my social feeds, or in my company's newsletter?

Yes, everything the ARD publishes is welcome to be shared non-commercially with attribution. Thank you for amplifying this work!

Is the newsletter free?

Anyone can subscribe to our newsletters, including the daily or weekly subscription to the Anti-Racism Daily, or our serialized newsletters (like 28 Days of Black History) for free. Paid subscriptions are required for custom onboarding, metrics on usage, and custom discussion questions for schools and universities and workplaces.

Is the ARD a non-profit organization?

No. The ARD is a project under Reclamation Ventures, a for-profit organization that builds innovative companies for social impact. Contributions made to the ARD are not tax-deductible unless made through our fiscal sponsor, Creative Visions.

Does the ARD fundraise on behalf of other organization or causes?

No. The ARD only shares fundraisers that are related to the topics we cover created by the individuals or organizations we feature. We do not directly collect funds for any individuals or organizations, nor do we act as a pass-through for funding for causes.

Payments and Subscriptions

How can I cancel or edit my recurring subscription?

Review our detailed page on how to manage your subscription, or simply email us at and we'll help you out!

Can I make a donation on behalf of my organization?

Review our detailed page on how to manage your subscription, or simply email us at and we'll help you out!