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Companies Committed to DEI. Then, the Layoffs Started.

Layoffs are disproportionately impacting DEI roles. Here’s how that will affect representation and inclusion in the workplace.

Why I Shifted from Saying “White Passing”

Historically, the term “white passing” was used to disenfranchise Black Americans with white ancestry.

Building Power Through Belonging

During a period where employee and employer dynamics fracture and DEI initiatives fall short, economic justice and sustainability in the workplace take center stage.

Why Do Banks Receive Bailouts Over Other Financial Issues?

With the current political and economic system, special measures to protect financial markets are seen as urgent over efforts to support the survival of everyday people.

How U.S. Exploitation of Farmworkers Helped Built its Food Systems

The irony of National Farmworker Awareness Week is that it is celebrated in a country that denies agricultural workers the legal and human rights offered to every other worker.

How Inequality Fuels the Global Water Crisis

Despite recognizing World Water Day, almost half the world’s population lacks home plumbing with drinkable water, including in the U.S.




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