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Elementary/primary school-aged students sit around a table drawing.

Year in Review: Depolarizing the Classroom

The classroom has become the battleground for the country’s most polarizing and pertinent issues.

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A person stacks a blue crate of produce on top of other crates at an outdoor marketplace.

Year in Review: Uniting the Workforce

For a just society, the working class must build solidarity with each other and reject the falsehood that the wealthy elites are aligned with our plight.

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An aerial shot of wind turbines on fields with clouds partial covering the land.

Year in Review: Environmental Justice for All

The need for environmental justice is ever present as global institutions and governments fuel a climate crisis on track to upend our survival.

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A key with silver house-shaped keychain next to a red and cream miniature model home on top of a wooden table.

Year in Review: The Right to Housing´┐╝

Though the home is the center of our lives, housing in the United States is not a right but a privilege for those able to afford it.

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A person holds a sign that reads, "keep your bans off our bodies" in crowd of protestors.

Year in Review: Demanding Reproductive Justice

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade this year, the urgency to protect access to abortions and other reproductive care became a top priority countrywide.

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A group of protestors with the American and Make America Great Again flags stand in front of a government building. A cop in black uniform stands in front of them.

Year in Review: Combatting the Fascist Threat

This year has proven that the fascist threat is not an un-American deviation but the most developed form of the sickness at the heart of the American project.

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A person in blue medical scrubs, face mask, and shield walks in an empty subway terminal.

Year in Review: Building an Equitable Healthcare System

The healthcare system is not devoid of disparities despite being integral to our lives. An overhaul, not reform, will be necessary to ensure that care is accessible for all.

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A silver blister pack on a red background.

Year in Review: Reshaping a Healthcare System in Disrepair

Healthcare issues were a major topic in 2021, causing communities around the U.S. to demand action to fix these inequities in the healthcare system.

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A red "sorry we're closed" sign hangs on a door.

Year in Review: Employees Are Redefining Work and Labor

Discussions about privilege and oppression often leave out the world of work and wealth: who makes it, who keeps it, and who dies from its absence.

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