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Redlining is a practice of discrimination in which businesses deny or limit services, like mortgages or insurance, based on the racial makeup of neighborhoods. It often targets minority neighborhoods and limits access to credit and wealth. It’s illegal under federal fair housing laws.

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An OB-GYN looks at an ultrasound on a monitor. The risk of a premature pregnancy in Black women can be linked to socioeconomic factors and stressors.

How the Racist Legacy of Redlining Affects Black Maternal Health

Outdated housing policies, like redlining, continue to have rippling effects on communities and Black maternal health.

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A drone shot looking down main street of a small town in the midwest during sunset.

The Shameful History of Sundown Towns

Beyond the legal segregation of the Jim Crow South, the U.S. is full of municipalities that were dangerous for Black travelers.

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A drone shot of a residential neighborhood.

The Hidden Link Between Zoning and Racial Inequality

Despite laws prohibiting segregation, restrictive zoning practices push people of color into hazardous communities and away from affluent white neighborhoods.

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Two people near a food display inside a New York bodega.

The Answer to America’s Food Desert Problem

Underserved communities are disproportionately becoming zoned as food deserts as access to grocery stores becomes limited.

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Voter Suppression

Voter suppression is the practice of intentionally making it harder for certain groups of people to vote.

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An aerial view of a neighborhood.

Reflecting on the Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act broke down barriers in the housing market, but over a century of discriminatory practices continue to linger.

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A row of three grey brick homes in a subdivision.

Black Homeowners Are Being Left Out of the Refinancing Boom

Black Americans were less likely to take advantage of the mortgage refinancing boom due to unaddressed racial inequities in banking and real estate.

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This glossary provides shared definitions and concepts on terms necessary for anti-racist work. Select any word to get a detailed description, causes to support, action items, and related recent news.AllyshipAllyship…

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A photo of the sun with red and orange hues.

Marginalized Communities at Risk with Record Heat Waves

Climate change and environmental degradation disproportionately impact marginalized communities of color around the globe.

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