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Daily Topic

Each day focuses on a specific way racism and systemic oppression persists in society, ranging from politics to pop culture, healthcare to the environment, education and more.

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Each topic includes tangible ways to take action in your own community – whether it's signing a petition, making a donation, or changing your mindset.

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Use our quizzes, key terminology, key dates and other educational tools to learn more each and every day. Each Saturday, we answer questions from our readers for further learning.


I've been using the daily newsletters as a way to inform how I teach. They've helped me enhance my curriculum...and my personal understanding of how racism persists.

Sarah, Middle School Teacher, Raleigh NC

Our organization reads the newsletters each day and talks about them on Slack. We've been learning more about each other as the weeks unfold.

Bettina, HR Manager, San Francisco CA

New! Virtual Learning Opportunity

Anti-Racism for DEI

A 4-week course to dismantle white supremacy and address racism and oppression in the workplace. Launches November 7, 2022.

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